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Fri Jan 29 12:04:30 UTC 2016

developer doesn't really know or care about corner cases and as a
result it's possible for the GUI to show "green" when in fact there
is actually a problem that could be detected. That said, if you've
used zadig to install the driver then it should indeed work.

> but I can confidently say, I've followed every instruction quite
> precisely... I've tried installing the winusb stub for both
> instance 0 and 1

What do you mean by instance here again? Sorry if you already
mentioned that.

If the device has multiple interfaces (a so-called composite device)
it is important to install WinUSB for the actual device, and not for
either of the two interfaces.

> trying everything in both cases in the event that installing it on
> the second instance is itself a problem. there's something quite
> subtle wrong, given that sdrsharp works perfectly...

I don't know how your .exe files were built and if they are using
libusb or the hostile fork libusbx which clobbers the soname and
uses the same API namespace, the latter driven by that same
zadig/libwdi developer. I know the actual libusb very well and it
would be interesting to see output from a debug build of my current
working directory with libusb source. I've built a binary using the
MS C compiler here:

Try putting this in the same directory as the program and see if you
still have the same problem. Even if the program was built using
MinGW that DLL should work well. If yes, the output from the program
would be interesting.



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