Moving from trac to a single redmine

Holger Freyther holger at
Thu Feb 18 18:52:55 UTC 2016

> On 18 Feb 2016, at 19:43, Harald Welte <laforge at> wrote:
> Hi Holger,

Hi all!

> let's move ahead and start with the migration, I can't wait to put all
> the various tickets into a public redmine.

last weekend I used the "stock" redmine trac->redmine converter and the result is on It is not perfect but I think good enough to start moving. We see that certain formating needs a post-import correction but that should be doable by all of us quickly.

My plan/timeline (on short notice but I don't expect a major resistence so I hope it is fine):

* Patch the redmine importer to not import tickets. This hopefully allows me to import other tracs at the same time (and re-add the security tickets by hand)
* Friday evening set the tracs to read-only (I probably move the account file away)
* Saturday/Sunday do the migration of the trac.
* Make it available on (currently it is
* Keep the trac as read-only version for now

In the mid-term:

* We need to post-process some pages and move them around to have a better structure
* Add permanent redirects from the trac to for "approved" content. This way normal traffic will automatically move to the new page and then we can look at the access.log for which pages still need a re-direct.

any objections?


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