Uccess! My first librtlsdr application

Neoklis Kyriazis nkcyham at yahoo.com
Fri Aug 5 05:09:49 UTC 2016


First, my thanks to everyone involved with the development and
release of librtlsdr. Well done. :-)

I always wanted to try my hand building an SDR application and
so I installed the latest librtlsdr and started writing code 

to test the various functions in the librtlsdr library. Having
gotten familiar with this, I started work on modifying my old
Wx satellite APT image decoder app, xwxapt, to support an rtlsdr
receiver beside the linear VHF receiver it was written for.

Its always difficult to extensively modify an existing app, but
in the end it all worked out well and xwxapt can now receive the
old APT format images from Wx sats with the rtl-sdr receiver. In
the process, I modified xwxapt to include controls for the rtl-sdr
unit, display an FFT-derived spectrum of the 2.4kHz sub-carrier
and a spectrum of the baseband O/P of the RTL2832 device. Images
are decoded in real time and displayed incrementally in xwxapt's
window. xwxapt is available under the GPL at:

http://www.5b4az.org/ in Weather Imaging->Image Decoders menu.

Best Regards
Neoklis - Ham Radio Call:5B4AZ

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