[Help] first steps with sdrangelove

loic.cloatre loic.cloatre at amossys.fr
Tue Aug 2 14:04:23 UTC 2016


Le 20/07/2016 à 00:06, Martin Müller a écrit :
>> Hello,
> Hi!
>> I have installed all the thing and I get the main API:
> What do you mean by „get the main API“?
I try again to install sdrangelove in order to see LORA trafic with a 
>> How to configure in order to see LoRa trafic?
> If you mean LoRaWAN (I never looked at it before) I think you should expect the signal to be around 868 MHz if you’re in Europe and 915 MHz in the US [1]. You have to set this frequency in the rotary digit display on the left either by typing, scrolling the mouse wheel while hovering the mouse pointer over a digit by or selecting a digit and using the up or down arrow keys. (Note: You have to enter the frequency in kHz!)
> But this first requires sample acquisition to be running which comes to you error message:
Yes, I think my problem is with the sample acquisition because I cannot 
change the frequency by scrolling my mouse
>> (if I click on aquisition, I get an error message "no sample source configured“)
> The error message you get on starting sample acquisition probably means that there was no SDR device found.
> What software defined radio device are you using?
I am using one HackRF
>> Maybe a quickstart help exists?
> I fear there is no more information available than provided on the sparse website :(
> Maybe posting relevant output in the console might help.
> Regards
> Martin

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