how/where to merge code

Hayati Ayguen h_ayguen at
Sat Jul 18 14:06:53 UTC 2015


just wanted to ask, what to do, so that my changes on  get  merged into  ?

Just now, in this moment, i realize, that there's alos
git:// referenced at

Ok, which is the real origin for rtl-sdr?
What is needed to get the changes there?

Besides the changes on rtl_fm i've developed a small tool, i called
"stdin2wav". It's used by piping rtl_fm's output into stdin2wav, which
then saves the output into wave files using libsndfile.
Besides saving, it can be combined with the squelch function of rtl_fm.
stdin2wav closes the wave file when no more data comes from stdin .. and
re-opens a new wave file when new data arrives, cause the squelch opened ..

Can/should this small tool also merged to rtl-sdr? Someone has a better
By the way: someone has a better name?

kind regards,

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