acarsdec 2.0 with built-in rtl_sdr frontend

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Thierry Leconte thierry.leconte at
Sun Feb 23 12:34:15 UTC 2014

Thanks to  Andreas Reinhardt who have port my old acarsdec code to rtl_sdr (
I gain interest back to acars decoding and  decided to rewrite completely acarsdec and to add it some new features, in particular a rtl front end.
So , I am please to announce the acarsdec 2.0 release :

Acarsdec is an open source, multi-channels realtime ACARS decoder  for Linux.

It features :

  - up to four channels decoded simultaneously

  - multi-threaded

  - error detection AND correction (all one error corrected and some two errors)

  - input from sound file , alsa sound card or software defined radio (SRD) via a rtl dongle

The 4 channels decoding is particularly useful with the rtl dongle. It
allows to directly listen simultaneously to 4 different frequencies.

acarsdec -r 0 131.525 131.725 131.825

Will decode acars on 3 frequencies with the rtl dongle number 0.

try and enjoy

Thierry Leconte

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