LTE-Cell-Scanner now support TD-LTE!

Jiao Xianjun putaoshu at
Wed Feb 19 15:21:42 UTC 2014

Hi there,

As LTE-Cell-Scanner doesn't support TDD mode:

I fork LTE-Cell-Scanner and add TDD support to it:
(Not reviewed by James Peroulas, so it is just experimental currently.)

It works fine with rtl-sdr E4k tuner dongle below 2.2GHz, but doesn't work
in 2.5~2.7GHz even with external MMDS-LNB.

Because the algorithm assumes analytic relationship between carrier and
sampling frequency error.

I write some matlab scripts ( )
to separate carrier and sampling processing in algorithm. Aided by
MMDS-LNB, the scripts can detect TDD&FDD LTE cell in 2.5~2.7GHz now!

12 LTE Cells information are decoded. 2 are FDD LTE, the rest are TD-LTE.
Because here is China! (Partly because that TD-LTE is announed earier than
FDD by government)

Hope that in the future these features can be merged to original

Scanning results and video are attached.
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