Problems on CentOS 6.4 (64 bit)

Dan yo3ggx at
Fri Oct 11 17:27:57 UTC 2013

Hi Peter,

On 10/11/2013 7:46 PM, Peter Stuge wrote:
> Dan wrote:
>>> I'd recommend avoiding the libusbx tarball which has been linked from
>>> there and instead getting the code.
>> I have tried to compile both the one from and the one
>> from git.
>> After recompiling rtl-sdr with the new libraries the errors are the
>> same....
> Did you make sure that the rtl-sdr programs are in fact also using
> the new libraries, as opposed to what is installed by CentOS which
> is what will be used by default, when running them?
Before this I've fully uninstalled the previous version and set the 
environment variables:
before running ./configure for rtl-sdr


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