Problems on CentOS 6.4 (64 bit)

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Peter Stuge peter at
Fri Oct 11 16:46:44 UTC 2013

Dan wrote:
>> I'd recommend avoiding the libusbx tarball which has been linked from
>> there and instead getting the code.
> I have tried to compile both the one from and the one
> from git.
> After recompiling rtl-sdr with the new libraries the errors are the 
> same....

Did you make sure that the rtl-sdr programs are in fact also using
the new libraries, as opposed to what is installed by CentOS which
is what will be used by default, when running them?

> Any other hints?

Only to use the latest kernel code.

If you see the problem with the latest kernel (from Linus' git - the
latest packaged by CentOS is irrelevant) and using code from by way of e.g. LD_LIBRARY_PATH then I would
be interested in seeing a libusb debug log. See for a copypaste-able instruction on how
to generate one. Thanks!


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