dump1090 - forked repo and added mysql support - some artwork

Oliver Goldenstein oliver.goldenstein at gmail.com
Fri Mar 8 08:25:18 UTC 2013

Hi Peter !

Many thanks for your helpful suggestions.

> Write DDL by hand, like the other source code, and store that under
> version control. Otherwise you will inevitably get lots of noise in
> the repository.

fixed that.

I suggest using the configuration files read by the client library to
> set a password, if any. I would suggest $USER as default username,
> and connecting without a password by default. If a password is
> needed, set it in one of the config files read by libmysqlclient.

will fix at over the weekend.

> Oh, and I recommend everyone to use MariaDB instead of MySQL -
> the most competent MySQL developers left Oracle several years ago
> and work on MariaDB now. Drop-in replacement. https://mariadb.org/

to be honest i heard the first time of it.

73 Oliver DL6KBG
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