Terratec T-Stick+ oddity in Windows 8

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Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Mon Jul 29 00:33:22 UTC 2013

Peter Dohm wrote:
> I have a T-Stick+ working properly in SDRSharp using the latest
> version of the standard zadig drivers as everyone on Windows uses.
> When i downloaded the latest osmocom Windows binaries from here:
> http://sdr.osmocom.org/trac/attachment/wiki/rtl-sdr/RelWithDebInfo.zip, i
> get the following result when i run rtl_test.exe on a fully-patched Windows
> 8 64-bit OS:
> C:\Users\user\Downloads\RelWithDebInfo\rtl-sdr-release\x64>rtl_test.exe -t
> Found 2 device(s):
>   0:  Terratec T Stick PLUS
>   1:  Terratec T Stick PLUS
> Using device 0: Terratec T Stick PLUS
> usb_open error -12

$ grep -- -12 src/libusb/libusb/libusb.h

You haven't installed the correct driver using zadig. Install WinUSB
for the device(s).


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