Possible bug in device removal detection code in librtlsdr.c

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Peter Stuge peter at stuge.se
Tue Jul 16 19:50:34 UTC 2013

Alexey Kruglov wrote:
> Every time we get any status other than LIBUSB_TRANSFER_COMPLETED
> (including LIBUSB_TRANSFER_ERROR) the code doesn't resubmit current
> buffer

That may not be a problem, depending on what assumptions librtlsdr

Also note that a transfer with an error may also have successfully
transfered some data, but not all that was requested before the error

> 2. maybe resubmit some kinds of the failed buffers other than
> LIBUSB_TRANSFER_COMPLETED, if it makes sense.

Only librtlsdr knows if it makes sense or not.

> I am not a libusb guru and it's not well documented in this part,
> so I am not sure about my second point.

I know libusb well but I don't know the librtlsdr model by heart.

Naïvely I might think that once a single transfer fails then all
other transfers should be cancelled - at the very least if the
failure is because of the device disappearing.


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