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> On Dec 26, 2013, at 12:21 PM, IZ8MBW Fabio <iz8mbw at> wrote:
> Yes, also with a lower sample rate (1024) the bandwith is too much....
> Just to clarify, I use SDR Sharp (SDR#) on a Windows 7 PC (Client side) to connect on the RTL SDR on the Raspberry Pi (Server side).
> If I use my LAN connection no problem at all, but the bandwith is too much for stream over my Internet Connection (1 Megabit/sec in upload).
> Obviously I do not want to stream, for example, Wide FM Broadcasting over the Internet beacuse the audio bandwith is very high, but I would like to stream over the Internet the SSB mode (300 Hz to 3400 Hz) where the audio bandwidth is not so much.
> So how Can I limit the maxium bandwith by using (Server side) the rtl_tcp command?
> I'm pretty sure that with a bandwith of about 3 kHz and a sample rate of 1024 1 Megabit of Internet bandwith can be enought....
> I use also the Perseus SDR receiver (by Microtelecom) with it's Server feature (stream over the Internet) and it works very well, my 1 Megabit of bandwith is enought.

That sounds more along the lines of you wanting to stream the decoded audio rather than the raw sample data.

You'll probably want to pipe the output of rtl_fm into a streaming source client like icecast rather than trying to pump rtl_tcp out onto the internet.

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