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Yes, also with a lower sample rate (1024) the bandwith is too much....
Just to clarify, I use SDR Sharp (SDR#) on a Windows 7 PC (Client side) to connect on the RTL SDR on the Raspberry Pi (Server side).
If I use my LAN connection no problem at all, but the bandwith is too much for stream over my Internet Connection (1 Megabit/sec in upload).
Obviously I do not want to stream, for example, Wide FM Broadcasting over the Internet beacuse the audio bandwith is very high, but I would like to stream over the Internet the SSB mode (300 Hz to 3400 Hz) where the audio bandwidth is not so much.

So how Can I limit the maxium bandwith by using (Server side) the rtl_tcp command?
I'm pretty sure that with a bandwith of about 3 kHz and a sample rate of 1024 1 Megabit of Internet bandwith can be enought....

I use also the Perseus SDR receiver (by Microtelecom) with it's Server feature (stream over the Internet) and it works very well, my 1 Megabit of bandwith is enought.


Fabio, IZ8MBW

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>> Hi again.
>> I would like to stream the RTL SDR over the Internet. My Internet connection is 1 Megabit in upload (much less than a LAN connection).
>> Is there a way to decrase or cap the bandwith of rtl_tcp?
>> In others words: is possible for example limit the audio stream on a bandwith of 300 Hz to 3400 Hz?
>> Thanks.
>> Fabio, IZ8MBW
>Try a lower sample rate ? (-s)
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