Need help decoding of FLARM (868.2/868.4MHz)

Fritz Meier fritz.meier at
Fri Dec 6 15:58:48 UTC 2013

Hi, to all
after I've seen with RTL ADSB and DUMP1090 how ADS-B transponder data
1090MHz (pulse modulation) is decoded I would like to start with FLARM
(Europe 868.2 and 868.4MHz frequency modulated). The position data of 
(ID, latitude, longitude and altitude) are sent 1xsec in the form of 
NMEA-like records.
I work with the BeagleBone black and have a FLARM transmitter installed 
the RTL-Dongle/Antenne and may at any time start recording I/Qsamples 
with RTL_SDR.

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