Osmocom CNI release 202102

Pau Espin Pedrol pespin at sysmocom.de
Fri Feb 26 16:33:47 UTC 2021

Dear all,

I am pleased to announce new tagged releases for Osmocom Cellular 
Network Infrastructure components.

Find more information about the release here [1].

Osmocom "Latest" repositories in OBS [2] should already contain packages 
for the new versions.

OpenEmbedded related meta-layers such as meta-telephony usual 
stable/testing branch "201705" [3] have also been updated to build 
recipes for new versions.


[1] https://osmocom.org/news/132
[2] https://osmocom.org/projects/cellular-infrastructure/wiki/Latest_Builds
[3] https://git.osmocom.org/meta-telephony/log/?h=201705

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* sysmocom - systems for mobile communications GmbH
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* Sitz / Registered office: Berlin, HRB 134158 B
* Geschaeftsfuehrer / Managing Director: Harald Welte

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