TTCN3 3G/2G Authentication using SIM card/SIM card reader

Mirko Kovacevic northmirko at
Wed Apr 1 21:20:38 UTC 2020

HI, Osmo Packet Core Guys,

I am working from home nowadays, testing commercial packet core equipment
I have already listen/read about using TTCN3 in all your famous products.
But never get a try.
I am interesting to deploy similar tests for production systems like yours
for OsmoSGSN, due to lack of test radio equipment from home and also to
make some sort of automation.

I ran your TTCN3 tests for OsmoSGSN and get loved on a first sight.
You did amazing job and made countless possibilities. Thank for that.

I know you have C code support in libosmocore library for 3g/2g auth.
*Can we use SIM card reader in TTCN3 as an option to evaluate
authentication ?!*
*Did you ever tried?!*

Best regards,
Mirko K.
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