sgsn segfault wegen sndcp / v42.bis commits?

Harald Welte laforge at
Wed Sep 28 00:23:28 UTC 2016

On Tue, Sep 27, 2016 at 08:20:59PM +0200, Neels Hofmeyr wrote:
> I have a reproducable segfault in the SGSN, bisecting to below commit:

The commit you refer to  adds transmission of a SNDCP XID message after
successful PDP context activation.  See the unk in
sgsn_libgtp.c:send_act_pdp_cont_acc(),were the code

* assumes there is an LLME and associated LLEs
* sends SNDCP over that

I guess all that's needed is to put this into a section that is
conditional to Gb/GPRS and skip that on Iu/UMTS

As the IuPS code was not in master yet at the time the GPRS compression
was developed, this is more or less a "logical" result.


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