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We are affiliated with Aalto University and conducting research in the area of mobile networks. We have been improving Amit Chawre's project NwEPC<>.  I saw your implementation of the GTP-U kernel module and I started to check If I could integrate it to this project.

I couldn't find any roadmap of the GTP-U in your website. Do you have any future plans for it? I am interested in the following points:

-          Creation, modification and removal of unidirectional tunnels, opposed to the creation of both tunnels without possibility of modification. In the real EPC nodes, the tunnels are never created at the same time. Also they can be removed due to the UE moving to Idle state (i.e. GTP downlink between the eNB and the S-GW).

-          Possibility to send End Marker and direct and indirect forwarding tunnels.

-          The S-GW receive from a GTP endpoint and sends it to a different one. What mechanisms do you have in mind to do this?

-          Support of multiple EPS bearers for the same UE.

-          Policy control, enforcement and statistics reporting (probably integrating it with netfilter).

How can I contribute to this project. Should I work on the whole kernel tree? I have no experience with kernel module development. If you want I could work on some API modification proposals and designs.

Kind Regards,

Vicent Ferrer Guasch
PhD candidate
Networking Technology
Department of Communications and Networking
Aalto University

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