GTP-U support for upstream Linux

Ashish Kurian ashishbnv at
Thu Oct 27 14:05:49 UTC 2016

Dear Developers,

I have a question for you. As you might be knowing. there is a patch now
available for OVS for GTP-U support. When the developers of the patch
submitted it to add to the main branch of OVS, the OVS developers told the

It doesn't look like upstream Linux has a GTP implementation.  Because
our usual workflow is to get code upstream first, you should start by
submitting the kernel patches against net-next when that tree is open (I
don't follow netdev, so I have no idea when that is).  Then, once the
GTP code is upstream, we can get it into OVS here.

So, is the upstream Linux having support for GTP now? I am asking this
because I am not certain about what upstream Linux means. If you say that
upstream Linux has support for GTP-U, then I can ask the patch developers
to port it for the latest version of OVS and add it to the main branch.

Best Regards,
Ashish Kurian
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