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> On 4 Oct 2016, at 08:07, Holger Freyther <holger at> wrote:

>> But today we’re again thinking of using OpenGGSN for an experiment, possibly in our live network. Are there anyone on this list with experiences either with running it in a live network, or with thoughts about how to do it / what would be necessary to get the job done?   We’d love to have a discussion with you.
> OpenGGSN has no billing and no true subscriber management.

In the sense that it does not talk to any policy control functions and has no external billing interfaces? It’s only functioning as a packet forwarding mechanism, right?

> I think people that have deployed it in real networks have some (small) extra patches to make it work with specific networks and so far no one contributed them back (which makes a good case for the AGPLv3).

Do you have any indication about what the changes they had to do in order to be able to pass traffic?

> In terms of moving forward it might be good to see what is missing from it and then see how/if to add it. E.g. I have written a nice architecture of a scalable GGSN using ZeroMQ between the different parts of the system.

Interesting.  A few questions:

    * What kind of traffic do you envisage running over the ØMQ?
    * Why do you  think  ØMQ is a good technology choice?
    * What do you think of instead of  a more traditional command/control structure with a set of control plane nodes talking to a bunch of packet forwarding nodes over an RPC mechanism (such as <>)?
    * Or perhaps there is no contradiction here?

> But then there is only one way forward. Deploy (for a subset of subscribers) and then see which SGSNs fail.

Ok, so one thing that could be useful would be to populate a fleet of phones with our sims, put the phones in various networks we can roam into that  use different SGSNs, then make the phones (automatically, on regular intervals) connect back to a dedicated APN that routes traffic back to an OpenGGSN instance and then  bring out the popcorn to see what goes wrong, fix the GGSN so that it’s no longer wrong then  rinse&repeat.  Are you thinking somewhat along these lines?


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