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I’m Bjørn, I work for Telenor Digital.  We’re running a live experimental network (called “loltel” :-) that is technically operating as a full stack MVNO (mobile virtual network operator), renting network access from Telenor Norway.  It’s mostly but not exclusively based on open source components.  When we started up about two years ago we considered using OpenGGSN, but couldn’t  figure out how to get it into an operational state and we couldn’t find anyone to help us, so we chose a commercial vendor instead.

But today we’re again thinking of using OpenGGSN for an experiment, possibly in our live network. Are there anyone on this list with experiences either with running it in a live network, or with thoughts about how to do it / what would be necessary to get the job done?   We’d love to have a discussion with you.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes


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