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Markus Stamm markus at stamm.nu
Sun Mar 21 14:38:47 UTC 2021

Hi Andreas,

this is really very helpful, thank you so much. I was able to understand 
how some of the options work from looking at the source code, but I 
still feel I lack some basic knowledge of how the different Osmo-CC 
components interact, and this documentation should help close those gaps 

For instance, using osmo-cc-sip-endpoint with a SipGate account and 
osmocom-analog's C-Netz module, I was able to make incoming calls from 
the PSTN to mobile C-Netz devices registered against osmocom-analog. I 
was not able to make outgoing calls, though, as I seem to be unable to 
make either osmocom-analog understand it needs to route the outbound 
call to osmo-cc-sip-endpoint, or make osmo-cc-sip-endpoint understand it 
must seize the call attempt and connect the call through the SIP provider.

Also, I was unable to make the speaking-clock Zeitansage example work 
with osmocom-analog so I could call 1191 from the C-Netz mobiles 
registered against osmocom-analog, and I assume this is due to my lack 
of understanding on how to ensure calls to 1191 are properly routed from 
osmocom-analog to the Zeitansage module. Since the Zeitansage, in 
effect, is just another endpoint, I should be able to gain helpful 
insight from the documentation in that respect as well.

Also, the OsmoCC-Router looks quite powerful and should allow for very 
flexible routing between a multitude of endpoints, based on routing 
scripts, so a documentation on this, as foreseen here for future 
additions, will also be extremely helpful.

Thank you very much for this work.

BR, Markus
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