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Andreas Eversberg andreas at eversberg.eu
Sat Mar 20 10:59:51 UTC 2021


Osmo-CC endpoints are still work in progress. I  have seen that people 
are already started to play with it, so I started a documentation for 
all endpoints, which is also work in progress. This document will help 
to set up different endpoints. One example is interfacing an endpoint 
(osmocom-analog) with SIP. See attachment.

The osmo-cc-alsa-endpoint that is also described in the doc is not yet 
available on git.osmocom.org. Temporarily you can download it here: 
http://download.eversberg.eu/temp/osmo-cc-alsa-endpoint.tar.gz (@Harald: 
Can you add this repository?)

Also it would be nice to have Osmo-CC as project page at: 
http://osmocom.org/projects/ There I can upload the latest documentation.



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