[osmocom-analog] Hello to all! let's make NMT call to public over SIP

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atmega@wp.pl atmega at wp.pl
Sun Mar 7 20:09:24 UTC 2021

Hey there ! I am excited that this topic started ;-)   I am 40 yo guy from Poznan, Poland, about 2 decades ago I had pleasure to work with NMT Centertel Dealer.   It brings for me great memories. Recently I managed to collect some NMT phones - at the moment I have more than 10 fully functional NMT phones:   Nokia 250, 350, 440, 450, 540, 550, 650,    Benefon Delta, Benefon Sigma, Benefon Spica, Motorola Associate 2000.   I have four Baofeng radios, buils Linux based pc, bought 2 USB cards and managed to compile, run and work Osmocom - Analog and called phone to phone. Also Computer to phone over headphones.   I was also trying to launch LCR, bought ISDN card Fritz, and was attempting to use FritzBox with built - in VOIP - Isdn gate and try to make my NMT phone call PSTN over Voip and mISDN/LCR router.   So far no succes. I am not a specialist - self learned electronic - hobbyst. If I could afford it I would buy LimeSDR but for the moment it is a bit expensive for me.   Anyway - I have tried OSMO-CC-ENDPOINT as I realised that I will not need any LCR / mISDN / asterisk anymore.   I did try many times but all I can get is an update about authentication error with my SIP provider.   here is log :   osmocom-analog connects to osmo-cc-sip-endpoint, but it looks like SIP-Endpoint does not connects to my SIP provider. I did forward 5060 ports to my linux pc, what could I do wrong: sip.c:1430 debug : Event 29 from SIP stack received (handle=0x55cb861d7980)  sip.c: 921 info : Received REGISTER response: 401 Unauthorized (registration)  sip.c: 943 debug : Register challenge received  sip.c: 178 debug : challenge order received  sip.c: 194 notice : No authentication header found  sip.c: 954 debug : Register failed, starting register timer  sip.c: 956 debug : destroying nua_handle 0x55cb861d7980 (register) using this command line:  osmo-cc-sip-endpoint -r mysipnumber at mysipserverip -l localIPosmocom-analog -A SipAccountUser SipAccountPass --remote-auth --register SIPAccountUser at SipServerIp --cc 'screen-called-in "" "myNMTphone"' -P myPublicIP -v 0  Any ideas what do I do wrong?   Many greetings for All people in osmocom-analog subjects. I am fascinated about this historical technology. Would be very happy if I could call somebody from my NMT phone !   Regards for all people who work with osmocom-analog subject. Respect to all!   Jacek
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