OsmoBSC(config-net-bts) cell reselection parameters dont show up after set up

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Harald Welte laforge at osmocom.org
Wed Dec 16 19:21:44 UTC 2020

Hi Mario,

On Mon, Dec 14, 2020 at 11:11:43PM +0300, Mario Lucas wrote:
> cell bar quality
> cell reselection offset
> temporary offset
> penalty time
> cell reselection hysterisis
> These parameter play role when a MS should reselect another cell.
> These parameters do appear in OsmoBSC(config-net-bts) and i do set up them.
> But when i run «show running-config» only hysterisis is present… the rest have gone …. also gsmtap from wireshark does not show the rest of parameters.

This sounds like a bug, please file one in the OsmoBSC project on https://osmocom.org/ - thanks!

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