Eclipse TITAN / warnings / finding errors in the log

Harald Welte laforge at
Tue Dec 15 12:25:24 UTC 2020


It has recently come to my attention that people find it hard to find
error messages when compiling TTCN-3 code.

This is primarily due to the hundreds to thousands of compiler warnings
which [at least our] code generates when building with ttcn3_compiler of
TITAN.  While some of those warnings indeed should be resolved, a great number
of them is actually things where we know what we are doing, and where we'd
normally want to disable the warnings.

Unfortunately, TITAN doesn't have a system to selectively disable warnings like
-Wno-foo in gcc.

There are two things that help:

1) colorized output of ttcn3_compiler, which is something I submitted quite
   a long time ago, but which hasn't e.g. ended up yet in a number of distribution
   packages.  Please feel free to use the eclipse-titan package we build in the
   OBS network:osmocom:latest feeds to get that feature

2) ttcn3_compiler actually has a '-w' command line argument to make all warnings
   quiet, which is also supported by ttcn3_makefilegen. You can edit the
   osmo-ttcn3-hacks/ to add that option to ttcn3_makefilegen

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