[RFC] GTP-U v0/v1 kernel module

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Andreas Schultz aschultz at tpip.net
Mon Oct 26 17:14:19 UTC 2015


Some time ago, Pablo Neira Ayuso wrote a GTP-U kernel module and OpenGGSN
support for it. The OpenGGSN side is easily available in the osmocom git [1].
The kernel part is somewhat harder to find, but it's at [2].

It seems that both sides are at 70% completion and only somewhat working.

I have played with the kernel module, changed a couple things and would
like to get some feedback on my changes.

It can be found at: https://github.com/RoadRunnr/osmo-ggsn

Things I've changed:

 * requires kernel from net-next (or 4.3)
 * convert to use the existing kernel iptunnel infrastructure
 * fix GTP-u v1 TEI usage (we need one TEI for RX and another one
   for TX)
 * use UDP sockets passed from userland for sending (instead of
   direct push to network interface)
 * fix resource release on GTP-U socket shutdown
 * release all resource on module removal

The module currently works with a proof-of-concept GGSN/PGW implemented
in Erlang (will post once the licensing is sorted). OpenGGSN will need
some small changes (will post soon).


[1]: http://git.osmocom.org/openggsn/
[2]: http://git.sysmocom.de/osmo-ggsn

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