[op25-dev] P25 P2 corrupted audio?

Brian Rak dn at devicenull.org
Tue Apr 14 13:23:45 UTC 2020

I've been trying to use OP25 to listen to a Project 25 Phase 2 system, and
so far all I've managed to get is weird corrupted audio out of it.  It
almost sounds like the audio isn't being decoded at all, and it's just
playing me the raw bit stream.

I'm using:

# ./rx.py --nocrypt -f 770081250 -N 'LNA:47' -2 -T trunk.tsv -l http: -v 8 --args 'rtl' -S 274000  -w -W  -q 2
-D fsk4

(have tried with and without the fsk4).

I do see debug output that seems to indicate it's following the channel

I'm listening in on a remote device with vlc: vlc.exe --clock-jitter=500
--network-caching=0 --demux=rawaud --rawaud-channels 1 --rawaud-samplerate
8000 udp://@:23456

The machine I'm running OP25 on doesn't really have a sound setup (it's a
server, no GUI or speakers), so I can't really confirm if the issue is with
the sound or VLC.

Any suggestions?
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