[op25-dev] Audio Dies?????

scancaster at scancaster.net scancaster at scancaster.net
Tue Jan 8 02:46:41 UTC 2019

I am noticing as I set this up and letting it run that after some  
point the audio dies on loop0, thus the feed is silence, nicht gut!

Any one else seeing this????

This is both on a PI3B+....and an old dual core laptop.....

The laptop has a -V10 and I tail the output log, and the decode  
traffic is still good for the CC, no errors in it...

I can see TG's appear in the tags for the groups from both, just no  
audio.... :( :(

Simply killing rx.py, restart, audio comes back,....

Doesn't seem to be much to tie it down... runs overnight, no issues, I  
even restarted OP25 on both setups to make some changes to use the TG  
priority option... and that was about 10 or so hours of run time....  
as some point after the 5-6 hour time period it die{d|s} .. can't be  
exact as real work gets in the way...

Dongle related?? But if it was that would expect to see CC decode  
errors etc... but I see CC decodes stream, and then decodes for data  
when voice is active.....  ? ?  ?

Any one else seeing this ??? Any corrective action???? ? ?  ? ? ? ??

? ? ? ? ?  ?


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