[op25-dev] FINAL: Mailing List Closure and Relocation Notice

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Thu Jan 3 00:41:59 UTC 2019

Effective January 1, 2019, this op25-dev mailing list is closed; no
further posts to the yahoo group will be accepted after that date.

The list is being relocated; going forward it will be hosted
by osmocom.org.  For more information please refer to the
list's new home page:
    https://lists.osmocom.org/mailman/listinfo/op25-dev https://lists.osmocom.org/mailman/listinfo/op25-dev


 At this time I should like to take the opportunity to thank our
 new hosts at osmocom.org for volunteering to host the mail
 list, and for going to the trouble of backfilling list content

 starting from 2012...




 p.s. if anyone has a copy of the old list archives covering the period
from 2008 - 2012, please contact us 

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