[op25-dev] Audio to Darkce/IceCast Server - No audio???? No tags, Local audio good.

op25 at zellners.com op25 at zellners.com
Fri Jan 4 02:24:37 UTC 2019

Quoting op25 at zellners.com:

> NO AUDIO still.  Tags... no audio on feed.

Ok.. found out VLC is not available AND in the Raspbian image... like  
I said, I don't use the GUI at all on Pi's.. it boots up first time,  
and I run config to disable it and the autologin... :)


asound.conf and bcm2835.conf installed BOTH My originals from the  
previous link I used to setup things... BOTH WORK with the below.

Used rtl_fm | aplay and get local NWR audio to speakers.... so good  
sound system.

scp over some mp3's..... and start up VLC.. reset output to ALSA and  
select loop0, save, exit, restart vlc.

Open up some of the mp3's... wait for 30+ seconds and out comes the  
MP3's audio on anther box... via my Icecast server using my darkice.cfg

So  loop0 is setup properly and Darkice IS feeding loop0 to my Icecast  

So where is it getting lost from OP25./rx.py to loop0???????????????????????

OP25's nuances are new to me and so I don't have any clue....

using -U will provide local audio out to the speakers of the Pi  
connected to the 1/8" jack... HDMI is connected to DVI conversion  
cable, and no speakers in monitor... but local audio works....

-O loop0   NO audio...

-M myfeed.json  TAGS WORK

remove -M , obviously no tags, STILL NO AUDIO

tried with LOCAL normal terminal and with -l http:.....  still no  
audio on loop0, local audio is fine with that.

So what to try next?????


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