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I've also noticed that when you're not holding and the program searches and stops on different active TGs, the delay timer works fine, except that the program doesn't keep the TG and alias name showing on the screen while it's staying on the TG for the delay time.


To adjust the scan / search delay setting, in the file trunking.py (in the apps/ directory) find the following line and change it from 2 seconds to something else:


self.TGID_HOLD_TIME = 2.0       # TODO: make more configurable


I adjusted this to 5.0 to get  a 5 second delay.  During that 5 seconds, the program waits before resuming and looking for other active TGs.  But during that 5 seconds, the TGID and alias get cleared off the screen.  It would be nice if the program would remain showing the TGID and alias on the screen until the delay time is over and the software resumes searching, like a scanner.


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I must confess I have not studied your implementation, but I have now done something very similar by extending the existing 'h' hold command with a 'H' variant that prompts for a numeric tgid.


The key features:

- you can hold any numeric tgid from 1-65535

- if you manually specify the tgid currently playing it will immediately be placed on hold

- if you manually specify a tgid other than the one currently playing, the system will retune to the control channel and await future calls on the specified tgid.

- to clear a hold you have to use the 'h' key toggle


....and yes, for now this only works in the curses terminal until I work out the details of capturing user input via the browser interface.



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