[op25-dev] How To Hold On A Talk Group

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Sat Dec 15 00:46:12 UTC 2018

I must confess I have not studied your implementation, but I have now done something very similar by extending the existing 'h' hold command with a 'H' variant that prompts for a numeric tgid.

 The key features:
 - you can hold any numeric tgid from 1-65535
 - if you manually specify the tgid currently playing it will immediately be placed on hold

 - if you manually specify a tgid other than the one currently playing, the system will retune to the control channel and await future calls on the specified tgid.
 - to clear a hold you have to use the 'h' key toggle

 ...and yes, for now this only works in the curses terminal until I work out the details of capturing user input via the browser interface.


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