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> Thanks Iain,
> I installed boatbod's op25 and gnuplot-x11. I also added the error log code at the end of my line.
> I copied my tsv files into the new installation and changed my script so it points there.
> Now, I can run op25 with the commands showing up at the bottom of the screen. I hit '1' to open a spectrum graph showing that I am tuned to the control channel on 470.025 but it's a little off, so I used the tune buttons (<>) to line it up(+400). My ppm is 0. I also opened the '5' mixer graph and the number is fluctuating between 0 and just over 100. But, I'm still seeing "tsbks 0" at the top. The entire line looks like this:

You could add '-d 400' to your rx.py command so you don't have to do
that next time.

> NAC 0x734 WACN 0x-1 SYSID 0x-1 0.000000/0.000000 tsbks 0
> Am I missing something from the command line??
> python rx.py --args 'rtl' -g 65 -f 470.025e6 -N 'LNA:49' -2 -V -v 0 -S 1000000 -q 0 -T trunk.tsv 2>stderr.log

What's in Trunk.tsv?

Is this the site you're trying to get?

If so, it appears that the NAC should be 0x370, but you have 0x734.
boatbod's code allows you to specify 0 (zero) for the NAC, and it'll
take the first one it decodes on the control channel.

You could also use '-v 3'  (or higher, instead of 0), and see what you
get in stderr.log....

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