[op25-dev] RTL-SDR and OP25 on Linux Mint 64-bit

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Tue May 15 19:55:06 UTC 2018

Thanks Iain, 

 I installed boatbod's op25 and gnuplot-x11. I also added the error log code at the end of my line.


 I copied my tsv files into the new installation and changed my script so it points there. 

 Now, I can run op25 with the commands showing up at the bottom of the screen. I hit '1' to open a spectrum graph showing that I am tuned to the control channel on 470.025 but it's a little off, so I used the tune buttons (<>) to line it up(+400). My ppm is 0. I also opened the '5' mixer graph and the number is fluctuating between 0 and just over 100. But, I'm still seeing "tsbks 0" at the top. The entire line looks like this:

 NAC 0x734 WACN 0x-1 SYSID 0x-1 0.000000/0.000000 tsbks 0


 Am I missing something from the command line??


 python rx.py --args 'rtl' -g 65 -f 470.025e6 -N 'LNA:49' -2 -V -v 0 -S 1000000 -q 0 -T trunk.tsv 2>stderr.log

 Thanks again!

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