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> Addendum: the filter error is something I saw once before.  For some
> unknown reason your version of gnuradio does not have the fft_filter_ccf()
> routine, so you are forced to use fir_filter_ccf() instead.  Max's code
> uses the FIR version by default, but I'd changed mine to use FFT because it
> was much more cpu-efficient for the lightweight hardware such as Rasp PI 3.
> You can edit the p25_demodulator.py file, line 173 and change 'fft' to
> 'fir' and it should work on your system.
Lower CPU usage sounds nice. I'd like to take advantage of it. My
installation has the Ubuntu 14.04 gnuradio package (having followed these
Is there a different distribution or gnuradio package you recommend to get

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