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+1.  I was thinking it would be nice if I could isolate some of the talkgroup numbers, append the date and maybe even create scripts to record certain talkgroups that I am trying to identify their use of.
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 In normal operation, it seems that stderr.2 captures mainly messages 
 retuning to the control channel (which is what helped me catch the issue 
 noted in my other message, so that's not all bad).
 But I think it would be very useful to have the option to log each 
 channel/talkgroup handoff (I'm not sure of the terminology). In 
 particular, building a list of talkgroups would be handy to identify 
 ones that don't have tags.
 I don't know the difficulty involved, I think it would be really nice to 
 include something like this:
 1434343.003423423 frequency: 853.500 talkgroup: 57234
 for each handoff. You could then use command line tools (cut, sort, 
 uniq) to build up channel and talkgroup lists.
 For extra credit, do this at different debug levels. For example, 
 default would print only tuning errors and other things that need user 
 attention. Then at -v 5 print handoffs, at -v 6 print handoffs plus 
 control channel, and leave -v 10 and above as-is. Or maybe add a new 
 command line option to specify the output file.
 I'm willing to work on this. If I have time, I'll play around with it 
 this week. I will happily accept hints on how to go about it.

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