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John Ackermann N8UR jra@febo.com [op25-dev] op25-dev at yahoogroups.com
Sat Jul 8 18:24:14 UTC 2017

Fresh install of Rasbian jesse and careful following of Max's 
instructions got rx.py running for me.  However, it crashes after a few 
minutes.  Attached is a screenshot of stderr.2 when the crash occurs. 
Any ideas?

I'm also have trouble when trying to use the "-P" option.  I'll try to 
capture details of that later.

(BTW -- I found I had better luck using the -T option than just running 
the command line.  Among other things, my local system has apparently 
shifted to one of the alternate control frequencies, so listening on the 
primary didn't get me anywhere.  Since trunk.tsv specified the 
alternates, after a few seconds rx.py was able to find the active 
channel and sync up to it.)

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