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Fri Jun 9 20:31:05 UTC 2017

your rtl-sdr should work fine on any system as long as you don't specify a "center frequency" in the trunk TSV.  If you omit the center frequency OP25 retunes the SDR as needed to follow calls.  The only real exception is when using the log all TGs to disk mode, in which case you need to span the entire range of the system.  As far as white lists you need not list the TGs in the trunk TSV, you can specify a file name in that position of the trunk TSV.  Having both a white list and a black list at the same time is nonsensical since the white list enables only TGs in the list.   Instead of putting scope.py in /usr/local/bin which hasn't been provided for in the install procedure it might be better to write a small sh script that cd's to the proper directory and invokes scope.py from there.  Finally as far as the choppy audio there are a couple of possibilities - poor reception due to DX reception of certain towers/sites/TGs is one, also is it possible that these TGs are phase 2/TDMA?  

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