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Sun Mar 26 14:49:43 UTC 2017


Are you listening to P25, phase 2 simulcast? If so, how are your results 
and what hardware are you using/


On 3/25/2017 9:34 PM, Tom Hayward tom at tomh.us [op25-dev] wrote:
> If your goal is getting OP25 working, your best bet is to stick with 
> the distribution that has been tested and has installation 
> instructions, Ubuntu 14.04.
> http://releases.ubuntu.com/14.04/
> http://op25.osmocom.org/trac/wiki.png/wiki/InstallInstructionsPage
> I installed an Ubuntu 14.04 VM, copy/pasted these instructions, and 
> had OP25 running quickly. It's pretty easy with the instructions.
> Tom

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