[op25-dev] Re: Got Ubuntu 16.04 working with SDRPlay

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Mon Mar 13 16:13:54 UTC 2017

ok yes this is a common issue, it would be nice to have the coarse tuning working, but at present the tuning will happily lock on a signal that's pi/4 offset from the desired one (that's 1,200 Hz at a 4,800 baud rate).    The C4FM demod is broad as a barn door but doesn't work well with simulcast, which is what you're probably using there.  Suggest adding a "-q -1" or "-q 1" parameter to adjust the tuning - what you want is to get rid of the "tuning error" messages.  The Datascope and C4FM tabs can also help show you whether the tuning is off, but for general reception you should stick with the constellation display...

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