[op25-dev] Re: Got Ubuntu 16.04 working with SDRPlay

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Sun Mar 12 13:56:15 UTC 2017

thanks  - yeah unfortunately support for wx2.8 will be getting dropped from gnuradio.

Just to follow up on one point re: the gist, if you're having to click C4FM to get any decode that suggests you may not have sorted the QPSK decoding yet.  That demod is selected when you go to the constellation tab.  On that tab select "standard, mono, differential" for the options and advise if you get the 4-point constellation.  You may need to fine tune the receiver.  Please post copies of the exact command line you're running and the trunking TSV file (not the talkgroup).  Reason for all this is phase II likely will work well only when using the PSK demod, not the FM one...

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