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Sun Aug 28 00:40:36 UTC 2016


Was able to install (Ubuntu 14.04) and have a working APCO P25 receiver, but when i run scope.py to decode the primary CC i am getting aUaUaU....error (see attached terminal error).

 It only works partially (audio interrupted or broken) when i omit the secondary CC (866.0750) from the trunk.tsv file. The problem may be the secondary control channel in the trunk.tsv file. When I add the secondary CC on the trunk.tsv it does not go to primary channel. P25 receiver attempts to decode on the alternate CC. Have not been able to fix that issue. I am using the same NAC for both CC!

Command Line: ./scope.py --args 'rtl=0' -N 'LNA:40' -S 960000 -f 868.06250 -o 20000 -q 44 -v 0 -V -T trunk.tsv 

Attached trunk.tsv, talkgroups.tsv, terminal error, traffic screenshot and constellation screenhot.


 Any help would be appreciated.

Best Regards,


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