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Sat Aug 27 02:57:11 UTC 2016

Hi Mel

 This video looks ok to me. From your initial reply, it looks like you haven't quite got the frequency dead center yet. It is kind of a pain in the ass until you learn your device characteristics. Which RTL device are you using? Based on your PPM setting, I'd wager a guess and say the cheap $10 device. If you're wanting to stay on the budget side of SDR, then I really recommend the $25 rtl-sdr.com dongles. They are stable devices with little to no drift.


 What method did you use to install GNURadio/OP25?

 "The missing attribute is "Hardware"; a Core2-Duo will not cut the mustard."

 That hardware is good enough, it's what I used for my everyday SDR scanner with OP25.



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