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Fri Aug 26 13:48:01 UTC 2016

Hello Scott, 

 Thanks for the pointers, I cleaned up the trunk.tsv files and added the suggested values; I also removed that blank line in the cincy.tsv file and, using the command line as stated, the Graph came up and displayed. Great progress, at this point, the display in the terminal windows is scrolling "timed out".

  I was able to use the PPM correction (20) to adjust display to read "Tuning Error" +/- 2400 and then down to - 1200. At PPM setting of 18, the terminal read, +1200. At -19 PPM, the displayed stopped scrolling and, my Constellation appeared to be as desired; "Fine Tuning" in either direction would cause a tuning error.

 All good until I went to the "Traffic" tab, there were zeros in all the fields ( "rf:syid, rfid, stid") where there should have been numbers, It appears that I can see the traffic and tune he frequency but, I am not breaking the squelch(?) or do not have the correct NAC(?).

 BTW: I heard only one snippet of audio during the process, so, with everything seemingly to be in the ball park, what key attribute am I missing, is it the correct identifier for the Cincinnati / Ham. Co branch of the Ohio  MARCS-IP system or, is it an intellectual thing?

 Thanks again for getting me oriented, all help is appreciated!

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