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Sun Feb 7 22:25:19 UTC 2016

When I open waterfall i get the following pasted below in terminal, and the waterfall doesnt do anything, do I have to open grc in terminal first somehow?thankssean
root at kali:~# ./op25_grc.py
Using Volk machine: sse3_64_orc
RTL2832 Source block configuration:
    Read length (bytes): 262
    Buffer enabled: yes
    Buffer multiplier: 8
    Buffer size (samples): 1048
    Samples per read: 131
    Buffer level: 50.0%
Successfully initialised demod: "ezcap EzTV"
Probing "e4k"...not found.
Probing "fc0013"...not found.
Probing "fc2580"...bad check value.
Probing "r820t"...found.
Found RTL2832 device: ezcap EzTV (tuner: Rafael Micro R820T)
    Sample rate range:    900001 - 3200000 Hz
    Crystal frequency:    28800000 Hz
[r820t] Initialised (default bandwidth: 0 Hz)
Wait delay: 0.196 ms
[R820T] PLL not locked for 3570434 Hz!
work wants more than the buffer size!
Capture threading starting: 7f904e7fc700
rOShort bulk read: given 0 bytes (expecting 262)
rBlibusb error: the device has been disconnected [-4]
Capture threading aborting due to libusb error: 7f904e7fc700
No longer running after packet notification - signalling EOF...

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