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Thu Nov 19 10:56:31 UTC 2015

Hi Joe, 

 This is one that's been kicking around since at least the original DSD was anonymously uploaded to RadioReference.com in early 2010. Incidentally, that was around the time that OP25 started to get some notice with our progress and discoveries.

 Technically, it's doable. It again comes down to a lack of time and interest from people that are capable of developing the software. 

 P25 Phase 2, which OP25 supports the decoding of, is essentially a fusion of P25 phase 1 and the ETSI DMR specifications, with the addition of the AMBE2+ vocoder. A lot of the work is there already, but it's an exercise that is far from simple code-cutting.

 I wonk in the SaaS/software development industry, and we have a saying at my work.. "Having the idea counts for 1% - hard work is the other 99% of the solution" 


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