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This isn't a direct solution to your problem -- just a recommendation.

If you don't have any particular dislike for Linux Mint 17 (64-bit preferably if you have a 64-bit computer), you really might want to install Linux Mint 17 and go through the process as outlined by PiccoIntegra on the Radioreference forums:

VirtualBox Project - Run OP25 on Windows 7 - The RadioReference.com Forums http://forums.radioreference.com/software-defined-radio/301459-virtualbox-project-run-op25-windows-7-a.html 
 VirtualBox Project - Run OP25 on Windows 7 - The Radio... http://forums.radioreference.com/software-defined-radio/301459-virtualbox-project-run-op25-windows-7-a.html Crazy talk, certainly - but I'm willing to try this anyway. Going to try and get OP25 working in VirtualBox so we can play with OP25 even on a Windoze
 View on forums.radioreferenc... http://forums.radioreference.com/software-defined-radio/301459-virtualbox-project-run-op25-windows-7-a.html 
 Preview by Yahoo 

That thread is full of very detailed instructions for successfully installing pybombs, gnuradio, OP25, and any udev rules you may need for a particular device.   The instructions work remarkably well on Linux Mint 17 (and I say this based upon personal experience).

On that particular platform (Linux Mint 17 64-bit), I can go through the instructions and successfully install OP25 and use .scope.py every time.    If you must run Linux Mint 32-bit, there is one place where you might run into trouble during the gnuradio build ( libvolk.so.0.0.0: undefined reference to `volk_64u_popcnt_a_sse4_2′ at Airwaves http://goo.gl/VvrrIC 
 libvolk.so.0.0.0: undefined reference to `volk_64u_pop... http://goo.gl/VvrrIC RF Monitoring in the Ohio Valley
 View on goo.gl http://goo.gl/VvrrIC 
 Preview by Yahoo 
 ) .  

If your device requires udev rules to be installed, they won't by default because you will probably be installing as a non-root user and simply sudo'ing.   As such you'll have to manually install and activate the rules.   That is also discussed in the RadioReference thread.

You'll [likely] also want to edit the gr-op25.lwr recipe prior to attempting to build OP25 so that you can use the 'max' branch instead of 'master' branch.    There are some benefits to that such as trunked voice following and things like that.

If you get time, check out the thread.   Scott [PiccoIntegra] and Max [KA1RBI] have provided all the information needed.

NOTE:  Theoretically you should be able to install everything on any distribution, but I've found nothing that works without a lot of issues except for Linux Mint 17 and the instructions in the RR thread.

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