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Sat Jan 18 00:42:36 UTC 2014

Hi Scott

Thanks a lot for posting these instructions.  Reading through your posting, it strikes me that we've still got more work to do :-)

First of all, not sure what Stevie wants to do about libitpp, but in the last few days (as you've also discovered) the pybombs repository has added a new official recipe for libitpp.  It's probably much higher quality than the one that I slapped together, and in fact now that there's an "official" version out for this recipe, I've been toying with the idea of deleting the one that we have in our repo, since it's more or less obsolete now.  

However if we did that it your procedures would need to be updated because they mention copying that recipe.

Secondly, the entire business of needing to copy the recipes will hopefully be temporary - once we can get the gr-op25.lwr recipe merged into the upstream pybombs.  Stevie might have an ETA on when this might happen...  But once we have that in place then the procedures become a lot simpler because all you'd need to do to install gr-op25 from scratch on a fresh, empty machine would be to clone the pybombs repo, cd to the toplevel, and then run ./pybombs install gr-op25.  The gr-op25 recipe itself has gnuradio as a prerequisite, so it's not necessary for the user to 'pybombs install gnuradio' as a separate step.

About the only other thing to mention is that all of the new pybombs/gr-op25 stuff requires gnuradio 3.7.  That is, the op25 git repo can't be built against gnuradio 3.6 or earlier releases of gnuradio, due to the extensive API changes going from gr3.6 to gr3.7.

Scott, once again, many thanks for all of your feedback and more.  It will be very helpful as we try to keep making op25 better, and I'm looking forward to hearing more comments and questions from you.



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